“That hidden building was a diamond in the rough and just needed a big makeover.”

"What needs to happen with this special place in the centre of Eindhoven?" That was the first question in 2013 for Yasin Torunoglu when he was just installed as councilor. He could think about it, but after the dawning of a new governance period the re-use of the area Mariënhage disappeared from his agenda. However, since last year he is once again the responsible councilor. Back just in time to experience the last part of the transition to DOMUSDELA.

What is happening inside?

The councilor has been born and raised in Eindhoven. He lived at the 'Ruysdaelbaan' with his parents. He only knew 'De Paterskerk' and the student chapel from the outside appearance. Yasin Torunoglu: "When I was old enough to go out, I walked through the 'Kanaalstraat' in the direction of 'Stratumseind'. I remember the walls that were too high to climb over, but low enough to pee against in a corner. I always wondered when passing by: what is happening inside? I had no clue. When I entered the building many years later as a councilor, a whole new world opened up for me." It didn't take much effort for Torunoglu to envision the hidden gems of the slightly decayed buildings. "I loved, loved, loved the inside of the buildings. That hidden building was a diamond in the rough that just needed a big makeover. I immediately envisioned it as a centerpiece of the city. Unique in its locations, with matching gardens that bring an oasis of peace in the middle of the hectic city life.

Peace and celebration of moments in life

For all involved parties, the province, township, fathers and DELA it has been a long road to the transmission of the buildings. In the meantime, it has been six years since the first steps were taken. The township played an important role. Not just because it involved a striking location in Eindhoven, but also because a part of the buildings was the property of the township. The plans were thoroughly studied at city hall. "When I first learned about the plans of DELA, I immediately thought: this is a 100% match. I wouldn't know what other organization could continue the function of giving meaning, which fits the building, in a new and different manner. The combination of peace and the celebration of moments in life, it all comes together. DELA derives its right to exist to an important milestone in life. That makes it an organization with a soul. The cooperative form of management ensures that it is not about making profit."

The complete beauty is back

What DOMUSDELA is going to mean for Eindhoven comes or falls, for the councilor, with everything that is going to happen with the buildings. "Apart from the reason why we are going to visit DOMUSDELA, something is happening with the surroundings as well. 'De Kanaalstraat' has been redecorated, the buildings are opened for the city and with that got a new appealing appearance. The complete beauty is back and it is in your face. It really is a place that invites and makes you curious. Finally you can enter the building. I can go there and enjoy the garden with my family or have a drink with them at Brasserie Rita."

Encounters between different cultures

Torunoglu has Turkish roots and on the question whether the ceremony houses are suitable for a Turkish wedding, he laughingly answered: "For a traditional Turkish wedding it is often too small. The church could perhaps be a possibility, but at my own wedding celebration over 1200 guests were invited. What is important to me is that this is a beautiful place for encounters between different cultures. Making connections that is important. With all layers of society. If that works, word will spread around and DOMUSDELA will be the topic of the day."

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