In the middle of society

DOMUSDELA thrives and inspires people to have meaningful meetings. While enjoying food and drinks in and outside, there is room for stylish celebrations - from modest to exuberant. You can stay longer or shorter and take some time to relax.

DOMUSDELA stands in the middle of society. Clearly visible, in the centre of Eindhoven. Here, you wholeheartedly say "I do" to your true love. Or say goodbye to someone dear. In this house you celebrate life and experience the passing of life.

Feeling of coming home

At DOMUSDELA you can be who you truly are. Experience the feeling of coming home and enjoy the stillness in the garden or visit Brasserie Rita. Spend the night in the luxurious boutique hotel Mariënhage. Or visit a concert, a reading, a reception, or an event at this iconic location.

Setting for meaningful meetings
DOMUSDELA is the place where intense happiness and grief exist besides each other. Exactly like our daily lives. Monastery Mariënhage shapes the setting for meaningful meeting. Traditionally this building breathes hospitality. For centuries the Augustines received their guests with the words "Welcome, nice to have you here!". That is the tradition on which DOMUSDELA carries on.

The story continues...

DOMUSDELA builds further on a, for Eindhoven, important historical cultural heritage. Together with the Augustine friars, the municipality of Eindhoven and the province of Noord-Brabant, DELA was able to realize a new future for the oldest part of Eindhoven. Read the complete stories of Edzo, Louis, Yasin, Marianne, but also from architects, the cities archeologist, neighborhood residents and many others.

Pers & media

Ben je journalist, editor, PR-bureau of online influencer en op zoek naar een samenwerking met of informatie over DOMUSDELA? Wij maken graag kennis met je!
DOMUSDELA is voor architectuur- en design liefhebbers of lifestyle media een bestemming waar je een keer geweest moet zijn.

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